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Okay, I get it, you want the posed Christmas Card photo. I will get it for you, I promise! But is your life made up of moments of smiling and looking forward? What is your goal in a photo? If it is to capture posed images, that is okay. Let me tell you what my […]

Why I don’t want you to look at the camera: A perspective from an Oregon Family Photographer

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Kids set the tone. With some boundaries and strategies to engage them, following their lead, rather than feeling frustrated that they aren’t following your vision, leads to real moments. Many Oregon kids like to get wet and play in the dirt! Eugene is known for rain, and when it isn’t raining, we have rivers, lakes […]

A gentle reminder: Setting the stage for a successful family photoshoot from a parent and Eugene, Oregon family photographer

Family at the river in Eugene, Oregon
Oregon Coast Photographer

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2. Kids are warm. I have done countless photos where toddlers arrive in the perfect outfit, no sweater, and they are FREEZING. Your option at that point is the mismatched jacket in the car, or a freezing child who is miserable. We can compensate with blankets to some degree, but planning for weather is important. […]

Five Styling Tips for Fall Family Photos in Eugene, Oregon and the Oregon Coast

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Fall is right around the corner and I can’t believe it! Eugene, Oregon, offers a variety of activities to enjoy during the fall season. Here are some top things to do:

Top Things to Do in Fall in Eugene, Oregon

Man holding woman in arms in water while the sun sets
Family cuddling on the beach

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When you opt for hiring me as your family photographer in Oregon, you’re basically saying, “Goodbye, awkward poses!” and “Hello, authentic vibes!” I am a ninja at capturing genuine giggles, impromptu dance-offs, and those secret, soft glances that only families share. Sayonara, cheese – it’s all about real, uproarious, unfiltered YOU. Picture this: an album […]

Why hire a storytelling photographer?


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