I’m here to tell your story. 

I’m a mother, artist, healer, woman, human. Behind the camera, I am in my element. I may be capturing the quiet details that often are forgotten, intimate connection, joyful moments, raw pain, or showing you how powerful you really are. Whatever it is that has brought you here, I am happy to have you. 

Your humanity is important. 
Your joy is important. 
The years between infant/toddlerhood and your senior leaving for college, are important. 
Your body is worth celebrating.
Your business is worth investing in. 
Memories with your parents, and your parents with your kids are important to remember
The years without sleep, when you don’t think they’ll survive the session (they will) are especially important, because you may not actually remember

You matter., they matter., these matter., this matters. 

I can tell you about how I didn’t follow through on a session before losing my Mom.
I can tell you about how I traveled to Zion for epic photos and got stuck in a snow storm, but ended up with the most Oregon photos that felt like utter chaos and had me in tears of the real, rawness of it all.

But the truth is, I’m grateful to be here. My clients who trust me to capturing their stories, moments, and raw emotion is not lost on me. 

We are all human, I’m here for all of it.


a little bit about

Eugene, Oregon Photographer

I’ve worked really hard to be where I am at and I’m proud of it. I want nothing more than to lift you up too.

I’m pretty badass


I’m on a life long journey of learning the deepest parts of myself and the universe around me, but I also really like crystals. 

Spirit Junkie


I’ve learned that following your inner knowing may be a bumpy and unexpected road, but that it is always worth listening to. 

I believe in the road less traveled 


I recently entered my second decade of motherhood and it has been an exquisitely incredible ride.

mom of 3 wildings


Some fun facts about me


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